Behind the scenes: watercolor pancakes illustration

I finally had a pleasure to work on a watercolor pancakes illustration.

With catchy tunes filling up the air, time went by really quickly and soon I was sitting in front of a finished piece. I didn’t think of giving this artwork a title. But, while sharing the work in progress on Instagram (come say hi! @andie_shore), I stumbled upon #foodporn with absolutely delightful mouth-watering pictures of food. I looked back at my painting – the two delicious pancakes now seemed like making out. There I had my subject giving the perfect title to itself. So I let it have it.


Pancake Love, 15 cm x 20 cm, watercolor

watercolor pancakes illustration


I enjoy watching other artists’ behind the scenes. Everyone has a different approach, unique style, special tricks up the sleeve. This is something I hardly ever did myself. That is way I decided to share with you my creative work in progress.¬†Hopefully – thanks to this blog – I will be more open about letting you into the attic of my creativity.

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